Wranglers Launch Unique Fundraiser for Children’s Charity

Wichita Wranglers and Variety, the Children’s Charity, Offer Local Residents the Chance to “Put Your Name in the Game!” and become part of Lawrence Dumont Stadium with Cupholder Charity Campaign


Wichita, Kan. (June 4, 2005) – “Put your name in the game!”  With the help of the “boys of summer,” Wichita residents and others now have the opportunity to put their name onto Lawrence Dumont stadium AND help local children.  Variety the Children’s Charity and the Wichita Wranglers today launched “Cupholders for Charity” — a program that attracts charitable funding through the sale of mounted stadium seat cupholders in Lawrence Dumont Stadium.  Members of the Wrangler team and staff, along with team Mascot “Wilbur” will unveil their personalized cupholders today.

Starting now, Individuals and businesses can purchase a stadium cupholder to be personalized with their name and the logos of Variety the Children’s Charity and the Wichita Wranglers.  The cupholder will be installed at a seat in Lawrence Dumont Stadium for a period of three years.   For an additional contribution, individuals can even select the seat at which their cupholder will be placed. They also can order an exact replica of the cupholder as a momento of the actual one placed in the stadium.  A portion of the cost of sponsorship will be forwarded to Variety the Children’s Charity as a charitable gift in support of its programs for children.

 “The Wichita Wranglers organization is committed to providing our fans with an exciting and personal experience at the ballpark,” said team General Manager Eric Edelstein.   “The ‘Cupholders for Charity’ program is a great way for fans to get involved in another level of the game. It helps us provide stadium cupholders, and it provides needed funding for a cause we all care about—children in need.”

“Through the purchase of a stadium cupholder, Wranglers fans will be supporting their team by supporting a cause they care about and everybody wins.” said Jane Brody, Executive Director of Variety the Children’s Charity.  “A personalized cupholder also is the perfect gift for a baseball fan!”

Based on seating capacity at Lawrence Dumont Stadium and the cost of sponsorship, a total of about $95,000 stands to be raised for Variety the Children’s Charity through this program once production and installation costs are deducted.  There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities, and the cupholders are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Wranglers fans can order their personalized cupholder beginning today at the Stadium, or online at www.sportsmedia.org.  Season ticket holders also will receive an invitation to sponsor a cupholder via e-mail from the team.


About Variety the Children’s Charity

Variety the Children’s Charity is committed to improving the lives of children around the world by offering financial assistance and support to organizations and agencies that benefit children in need.  Funding also is used to provide needed medical services and equipment for seriously ill and physically challenged children.  Since its inception in 1927,Variety the Children’s Charity has provided over $1 billion dollars in funding for children through its network of 52 chapters in 14 countries.   For more information visit www.usvariety.org.

About “Cupholders for Charity”

“Cupholders for Charity” is a charitable cupholder fundraising program designed to raise money and awareness for charities through the sale of sponsorships of cupholders in sports venues.  The program is administered by Sports Media, Inc., a provider of sports venue advertising programs and products across the United States.  To learn more about “Cupholders for Charity,” visit www.sportsmedia.org.

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