Q. What is a Cupholder?
A. The cupholder is a permanently mounted fixture to stadium seating for the fans convenience to protect and hold their beverages.

Q. What is printed on the cupholder?
A. Your name as donor will appear along with the charities logo and team logo.

Q. What name or names can I have printed on the cupholder?
A. Any personal names such as Dan & Betty Smith, John Q. Donor. Up to three (3) lines may be used up to a maximum of 12 characters per line.

Q. Can I designate a specific seat location for my donated cupholder?
A. Yes, for an additional contribution of $15 you may choose any location on a first come first serve basis (some restrictions may apply).

Q. Can I make an additional gift?
A. Yes, you may contribute towards as many cupholders as you wish.

Q. Am I allowed to nominate the contribution as a gift or tribute and place that persons name on the cupholder?
A. Yes, the “Cupholder for Charity” makes a great gift and you may place anyone’s name you choose on the cupholder.

Q. May I make a gift in “Memorial”?
A. Yes, the “Cupholder for Charity” offers you a thoughtful and caring way to remember a loved one, in name only.

Q. Will I receive a receipt for my contribution?
A. Yes, the charity will issue a receipt and acknowledgement letter for your full contribution.

Q. How long will my name appear?
A. Once the cupholder is in place in the facility it will remain for a minimum of 36 months.

Q. How long before my name appears on the cupholder?
A. Generally the cupholder will be placed in service within 120days from the initial announcement of the program date.

Q. Will I be able to renew my gift in three years?
A. Yes, you will be given the opportunity to renew 120 days prior to the end of your 36-month period for an additional contribution.

Q. How can I get more information concerning the charity?
A. Go to and click “charities.” Locate the charity involved with your team/venue and connect to the link.

Q. What is a Replica?
A. The Replica Cupholder is a Stadium Cupholder for use at home or office complete with your name, the charity, and the teams logo.

Q. If I order a “Replica Cupholder” will it be considered a contribution?
A. Yes, you will receive a receipt and acknowledgement letter for the full amount contributed.

Q. May I give a Replica Cupholder as a gift and place their name on the cupholder?
A. Yes, you have the freedom to order as many “Replica Cupholders” as you wish to order.

Q. May I order a “ Cupholder for Charity” from any participating “Cupholders for Charity” team?
A. A. Yes, you have the freedom to choose to contribute to any of our participating venues.

Q. May I order by phone?
A. No not at this time, you may order on line or by mail.

Q. Can I order by mail?
A. Yes, you may print the order by mail form directly off our web-site. Please send your contribution to the following address:

Sports Media, Inc
“Cupholders for Charity”
274 Mt Harvard Ave
Severance, CO. 80550
Order Form