Everyone benefits from the “Cupholders for Charity” program:

Share in the Power of Giving

The “Cupholders for Charity” program gives sports fans the power to make a difference in a simple, fun, and lasting way. All those who contribute to the “Cupholders for Charity” program share in the power of giving. Your charitable gift will help enrich the lives of children with serious needs, support the charitable initiatives of your local team, and make yourself feel great in return.

Sponsoring Charity:

  • Increases exposure for the charity and the cause.
  • Brings needed revenue to fund programs in support of their mission.

The Team:

  • It’s a chance to provide additional revenue to a charity they support.
  • It’s an opportunity to let fans put their mark on the stadium and enhance the spectator experience.
  • It also enhances the fan experience by providing a safe and secure place to keep their beverage


  • Support your local team and a great cause at the same time.
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of children with special needs.
  • Honor someone special–a friend, family member or employee.
  • “Put Your Name in the Game” for three years…with bragging rights.