The “Cupholders for Charity” program provides corporations with a new and unique channel to support a worthy cause and gain exposure for your organization.

Benefit to Corporations:

  • Brand alignment with a respected charity and worthy cause
  • Demonstration of commitment to community concerns
  • Exposure to target audiences in a positive, energetic environment—the sports stadium—for three years.

If that not enough…just look at the numbers…

  • 92.3% of fans surveyed used the Cupholders
  • Users of the Cupholder looked at the holder an average of 28 times during the consumption of each drink
  • 53% of fans correctly recalled the sponsoring company on the Cupholder

Benefit to the Charity:

  • Exposure to new target audiences in an upbeat, energetic environment—the sports stadium—for three years.
  • Needed revenue to fund programs in support of their mission.
  • Alignment with a respected brand…yours!

Corporate Sponsorship levels:

  • Diamond ( The entire venue)
  • Platinum (2500 seats)
  • Gold (1000 seats)
  • Silver (500 seats)
  • Bronze (100 seat)
At all levels of sponsorship, the cupholder will display three logos: the charity, the team, and the sponsoring corporation.

Corporate sponsored cupholders are placed on “the best seats in the house,” generally the club levels and other premium seating areas.

Please call Sports Media at (312) 436-0500 to discuss your sponsorship today. Or, to learn more about Cupholders Advertising, go to: Sports Media Cupholder Information.