“Put Your Name in the Game”

Sports Media’s “Cupholders for Charity” program provides individuals and corporations with a unique opportunity to “Put Your Name in the Game.” When you make a charitable gift to a sponsoring charity selected by your local team, Sports Media places a cupholder in the venue, with your name appearing next to the charity and team logos in acknowledgement of your support. It’s easy, fun, and everybody wins!

Learn more about “Cupholders for Charity” or order your personalized cupholder now.

“The Joy of Giving”

  • Put Your Name in the Game for three years

  • Help a charity increase visibility and exposure

  • Cupholders enrich the spectators experience

  • Better the lives of children with special needs

  • Help make a positive difference

  • Contributions can be given as a gift or in memorial

  • Cupholders for Charity helps non-profits carry out their mission

  • Support your local Teams Charity Drive

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Put Your Name In The Game!